Marek Kapolka

Walk around and play your lute with friends
explore a city of nerds
Plan out your last hurrah for a dying MMO.
A growing menagerie of single player pen & paper games
Brave the treacherous no-go-zone and identify random crap for fat staxx of $$$$
Uncover a web of intrigue in an embattled nation
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Finally, it is time for PENGUINBALL
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Chilling thoughts in every wrapper
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goin' on the run
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horrific atmosphere scene about paralyzing fear
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claustrophobic atmosphere piece
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Handle lots of treasure and let someone else do the dirty work
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cannes film festival tribecta 1000000 in its first nights showing
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Age writing simulator
Buy your friends and fuck your couch.
Interactive Fiction
deceive the khan and elevate yourself

i played it and life will never be the same