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A print and play, single player RPG about making the most of the last moments in a doomed MMO.

In the early 2000s PlayFun Softworks released VeriFarQuest, an MMO that enjoyed a niche following but ultimately lost out to Everquest. The terrestrial servers have been shut down for a while now, but in their desperate search for more subscribers, PlayFun Softworks did a promotional event in which they put a copy of the VeriFarQuest servers on a satellite and launched it into orbit. The event was a success, pulling in record subscriber numbers despite the server's high latency, but a flaw in the satellite launch plan gave the satellite an unstable trajectory. Each year the satellite's orbit deteriorates slightly, causing it to spend an increasing amount of time out of communication range, and an increasingly short amount of time in communication range. 

The next time the server will be accessible will be a 29 hour window starting at 10AM on March 13th, 2031. After that period, the server will leave earth's gravity well completely and enter a trajectory that will send it out of the solar system entirely, hurtling into deep space.

A few of the game's old fans are planning to join the server when it comes back online and see how far we can get on new toons before the game shuts down forever. To that end, I've prepared this game that serves as something between a build planner and simulation of the different activities you can do in the game, so you can hit the ground running and not waste any time figuring things out when you log in. I tried to represent the different parts of the game to the best of my memory and the memory of any other ex-players I could get ahold of, but tbh I didn't play that much when the game was live (life stuff) so there might be some discrepancies.


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