Made for the secret santa event (2019) on Glorious Trainwrecks, for let-off-studios. Link to the original game upload. This is just a WebGL for easier playing.

DODO and PENGUIN have teamed up to take over the skies. PENGUIN has become immune to explosions, and DODO is going to shoot him with a bazooka gun. Avoid the spikes and lazers, and collect coins!!

CONTROLS: Click to shoot a rocket at PENGUIN to blast him up.

TIPS: * Your combo meter increases the number of points you get. If you take damage it resets to zero. * The combo meter resets to zero if you take damage or go too long without increasing it. * Graze spikes by moving penguin close to them to gain combo points.

CREDITS: Dancing on Clouds by Eric Matyas:

Coin grafix: Rotating Coin by DasBilligeAlien:

Smoke and fire animated particle by KnoblePersona:


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I love the dino with the rocket launcher. difficult game, enjoyed the graphics, looks good. has an orisinal game feel to it in some ways. maybe a bit too hard, but i could get into this if it started off easier. not that it should. maybe im just lazy

thanks for checking it out, glad you liked the gfx. an easy intro would have been a good idea. I had wanted to make the difficulty increase as you went, but it meant more work to balance the difficulty curve, and I ran out of time / patience. It's like flappy bird, that's my excuse. 

Fun, hard stuff tho!
I had it freeze when I got a high score on the web version.
Couldn't get the windows version to run?
Thanks for making this game :)

Thanks for checking it out! Do you get any error on the Windows  version? Someone else reported it not working on windows but it works on my end.