"The Topo is back, baby, and he's ready to dish out some serious carnage. Can our main dude blast up the vulture worshippers, without losing his cool? He's searching for vengance out these in the endless desert, but what do you think he'll really find, HUH? The sun gets pretty hot out there, hope you brought your sun screen... WOOPS, just bullets >:) Make a big fountain of blood and blow up those dynamite guys. Run through fields of blood and carnage, I love it. Don't @ me." - The Roger Ebert Trust

"Gunplay? 100%. Graphics? 100%, easy. Sound Design? 98%. Plot? 100%. And, plus, for free bonus content, this game has a spiritual meaning. That makes this game, my best game of 2016." - a "Certain" youtuber ;)

"Really Deliveres [sic] the fun factor" - S.N.U.P Magazine

Award s and Accolades:

  • Cannes Film Festival. 100000 on the first night's showing
  • Tribecta
  • Fourty Two Million Box Office Top Charts
  • Champs Elyse, Nice, Guyana
  • Award Laurels Official Selection
  • Bethany Wortham Styles. 100 Games
  • Rotton Tomatoes listing
  • audiences openly wept and writhed in their seats
    • some said that it was a "life affiroming experience"

Music: First Class Airplane by nuuup

Audio Clips:
Scream by TheSubber13
Vulture by roubignolle
Special thanks to everyone who puts their clips in cc0 so i don't have to write down the links

Rated 4.0 out of 5 stars
(3 total ratings)
AuthorMarek Kapolka
Made withUnity
TagsAction-Adventure, artgame, Mystery, spiritual, Third-Person Shooter, weird, Western