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Stomp Plonk is a walking simulator where you walk around a fantasy continent with a lute and hang out with musical NPCs.

Controls (Keyboard / Mouse):

  • WASD & Mouse for moving & looking
  • "R" Respawns you if you get stuck
  • Number keys play notes on your lute
  • Shift: Sprint
  • Ctrl: Duck

Controls (XBOX Gamepad) (I only tested on an Xbox controller, it might work on others but the controls might not match up great)

  • Left stick walk around
  • Right stick look
  • A: Jump
  • X: Run
  • B: Duck
  • LB/RB: Play notes up & down. If you're close to a Knight, it'll automatically play the quest song so don't worry about it
  • LT/RT: Changes how many notes you move up/down at a time
  • Back: Respawn

Blah blahs: https://freesound.org/people/metrostock99/sounds/514494/

Most of the music sounds are from garage band

I think the rest of the sounds were cc0 on freesound

this plugin owns bones: https://assetstore.unity.com/packages/tools/gui/super-text-mesh-57995

font: https://www.dafont.com/augusta.font

PlatformsWindows, macOS, Linux
Rated 5.0 out of 5 stars
(30 total ratings)
AuthorMarek Kapolka
TagsCartoon, Casual, Colorful, Cute, Music, Singleplayer, Walking simulator


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Linux 95 MB
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Mac 104 MB


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wow.. what a freaking good game i feel so inspired i love jamming with all the little denizens of this world

recently i've been thinking "why aren't there more games where you play an instrument" and then someone recommended this to me and i feel a little bit more hopeful here's to more musicality

Thanks for checking it out! Yeah I would love it if having a little instrument in walking simulators caught on, it's an easy thing to implement and gives you something to do while vibing


We need more games like Stomp Plonk. Love your imagination, dude.


<3 <3 thanks redeyesgreendragon :) Everyone check out the great video they made for Stomp Plonk!!


Love it, loved stomping around with my little strings in tow. These designs and animations bring me a lot of joy. And the goblins? Look at them go. Fantastic.


loved it

This game is fantastic!

First, I was inspired by the artwork. The way you use a ton of billboard sprites together with very basic shapes to create a compelling world is awesome. It's been my dream for a long time to make walking sim type games in 3D using my own art, and this gives me plenty of ideas for how to do it without having to learn blender lol.

!Spoilers Ahead!

Then I got really taken in by all the cool characters and fun little side things, including this one rare redshirt dude I kept finding.

Then I died, got turned around, ended up in the throne room, and realized there is an actual way to beat the game. This was at first disheartening, because the sequence was long and I had no way of knowing which sprites were the knights. Regardless, I got my pen and paper.

I walked around some more, trying the sequence on different folks, until I got to the last area I hadn't seen. It was a big house, and at the very top I found a red shirt guy. The game design was screaming at me, and I finally listened. My fingers flirted upon the lute, and the little dude zoomed away. 

I then died, went to the throne room, and saw him there. Up to this point I was losing steam fast, having traversed the whole game twice by then. In that moment though, I was filled with an unmatched determination, and quickly got the other 4 using my mental map of the game. 

The ending wasn't anything fancy, but that didn't matter. The game had not given me a tutorial, a map, or really even guided me towards the solution, but nevertheless I succeeded! You don't get that much in modern game design.

My main note is just a faster walk speed. Default is way too slow, so my pinky got quite tired.

Thanks for a fun experience! This is my favorite game genre, and I'm putting this one right next to Cryptworlds and Goblet Grotto on my shelf. 


oh my gods marek you did it again. the only down side was couldn't kiss the cute bearded old men . but stomp plonk with them is a very good alternative.


The last thing I was going to add was to make it so if you zoom in with right click close to something it'll plant a little kissy on it, but it turns out you can't raycast onto sprites and I wasn't about to add colliders to all the six zillion unorganized game objects. sorry for depriving you quasiotter :/

is ok i did it with my meat body any ways!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


so much joy in playing a duet with a bird and a worm



I loved wandering around here.

tytyty for stopping by :))


i love stomp plonk 🐈


aw i love you, burgercopter 🍔🍔🍔


i dont think there was any moment when i looked at someone in this game and didnt think "woa what a silly little guy" i love funky artstyles like this so much
even me my player character felt a bit goofy just walkin around and fiddling with his lute at random places 
kinda said it already but i love the gobins :)


always love to hear from a silly little guy appreciator :) Thanks for checking it out!


this rules. i loved being a shitty little guy just stomping around. also the way you made the crowd in the city look and feel was so cool. i've walked around a lot of little indie worlds and this was easily one of my favs



(2 edits) (+1)

wish my lute's notes were in the same key as the environmental music so I could play along with it without it sounding severely out of tune.

the worm bird who echoed my playing back was the only thing in the game that I could actually play my lute with and have it sound good.

that being said, very cool world and art and vibe

Glad you dug the world, at least :)

very cool game nice I think it would be pretty cool if you could find different instruments like trombone anyway thank you may Cybelle always enlighten your path (also there's screen tearing)

Thanks for checking it out :)


the perfect game


really truly wonderful <3 i had a lot of fun exploring this big and whimsical world! at one point i think i spent a good five minutes jamming with worm bird. i wish creatures irl also sang and moved to the same universal beat (maybe they do). thanks for making this!

Thank you so much for checking it out :DD I too hope that if I keep listening, I’ll hear the universal beat. Maybe one needs, like cats, dogs, cows, sows, and all the other quadrupeds, one needs to have “four on the floor”

love this. such a lovely little world, filled with breath-snatching nooks and serene little characters. playing my lute out of tune with everything around me is so fun. your level design is so inspiring also (a reminder that i need to at long last play zk for stranger). lately been feeling pretty down about contemporary level design trends, where i feel i become a mindless hostage roaming thoughtlessly wherever they want me to (which i suppose can be good fun in the right context, but most of the time leaves me feeling disengaged). made me laugh and smile when i took my first few steps onto the dock and immediately plummeted through the ground to the beach haha -- so nice to have to be deliberate with my steps, and consider carefully how i might get from one place to another (and even where i want to end up at all). great game :)


wowow, thanks so much for checking it out and the kind words :) I've been getting a big kick out of your games lately! Level design is such a bugbear, it's definitely one of the times I'm glad I make silly little free games so I don't feel coerced into making "content" - very liberating.  I've really been enjoying this youtube guy's videos on funny little places in games: 

also if you get a chance check out "Zang Zurfers": https://www.glorioustrainwrecks.com/node/10573 that looks like a self plug but it was originally a game by https://ihavefivehat.itch.io/ . 

wow thanks! <3 and this video is so good! excited to play Zang Zurfers -- thanks for the recommendations :)



GOTY 2022 material to be quite honest. Only major suggestion would be to add an exit game feature! Great work

tytytyty!! Why would I ever want people to leave though? >:)




i'm obsessed with this game. it's incredible. the dynamic call-and-response music. the absolute mastery of world design on display here. this is what the unity engine was made for. i love all of the little scenes here, so lively and visceral. this world feels both esoteric and intimate, there is a variety and uniformity of ideas here. the music, the art, the funny little guys. fantastic.

i do have a couple of implementation nitpicks but the only major one is that the lute sound effect is, i assume, far too long on the attack end. there is a significant input delay, which is not what you want for instruments. it's far too much delay for me to be able to fluidly play it. i think there is probably a bunch of space in the attack of the sound file you could cut, to make it more responsive. it also would be nice to have the lute's key match the regional music's key (so you can play along!) but that would be a little more work lol

Thank you for the kind words :))

I'm curious why you're perceiving so much lag on the lute. I double checked the audio and there is a pinch of air before the sound plays- about .031s worth / about a frame- just perceptible but shouldn't be too hard to work around, I certainly never noticed terribly much when I was testing, but I'm not a musician so I'm not well attuned to that kind of thing. About how much latency would you say you're perceiving? And what OS are you running on? I wonder if some setups might introduce more latency than others.

i'm playing on windows, it is definitely enough attack time that it makes it difficult to play and listen at the same time.  generally for synthetic instruments you want literally no attack. it's possible that something else is causing the delay, that the sound is actually taking a moment to play

Bluetooth headphones perhaps?

no, i'm just really sensitive to audio delay i think. could be my system has input lag also, but is suspect the sound just has too much attack time


It was a truly wonderful piece that captivated me with its sound. I especially liked the bird that returned the sound exactly as we played it. After enjoying the session, when we arrived at the next area in a good mood, we found ourselves in an area where goblins were using humans as instruments, which made me laugh very much.

And I also love the squirrels that jump back at you when you jump!!!

Thank you for playing and for all the kind words tunegoro :) I'm glad you liked it!


this game has great vibe, it was fun to see all of the environments and characters!!! very inspiring. its a small thing, but it'd be nice if the movement speed were a little faster 

Thanks for checking it out :-)


Wonderful little game!

Thank you ❤️❤️


Hi! I tried to pay with money but when I tried both cc and my Paypal account, the payments wouldn't go through :( It says "the transaction could not be completed". My accounts are both in good standing and have the funds in them, so not sure why it's rejecting the payment.

Do you have a Ko-Fi, Twitch, anywhere else where I can donate in the meantime? 


I think it's squared away now, there was something misconfigured on my end. I don't have any other donation streams, you should go get yourself some boba




Wow that was delightful :)
i wish to know about the rainbow text you can see from the boat...

it is a mystery to all but those with the biggest monitors..........

lol i literally walked around for ages trying to get to that side of the mountain


A really interesting and whimsical game!


Thanks for checking it out :)))